Rain of letters


A dreamlike screen makes us walk inside the memory in an instant of the world where we live. Lluvia de letras is an immersive system that gives us the possibility to enter and cross the Regina's work, we see an illusion that becomes a reality when we touch it, cross it and feel it.
We find a tree in the middle of the city, a symbol that takes us into the imagined world that for a moment is silenced, frozen to give rise to our gesture and bring it to life, reminding us of these vital spaces.

What do we want it to be?

Creative Process

It is about the creation of interactive digital water curtains to make society aware of the importance of silence in times of slurp.

The best way to combat a society full of droughts and actions in a city, such as: traffic, hyperactivity, technology, social media, telephones, digital platforms, communication media and all those interruptions that citizens constantly suffer, is to create works of art that allow the spectator to escape and enjoy an artistic immersion that inspires and influences citizens about the relevance of silence, of attentiveness, of reflection, of observation and of contemplating our environment with care and esteem, with an impact on the environment and sustainability, as well as promoting the diversity of the territories beyond the big cities.

Immersive technology

The use of immersive technology will make the visitor feel integrated into the space


The proposal is to create a dynamic, creative, participatory, didactic and educational space combining fine art, digital art and video art. The combination of scenographic, audiovisual and multimedia resources will facilitate the connection of the public with the emotional potential of installation. 

The use of immersive technology will allow the visitor to feel integrated into the space at all times. Each area of the tour will have its own basic pictorial work and specific special effects will be used to allow the spectator to experience sensorial changes in light, sound, smell, temperature…on the ground. 

Technical Means

The means and resources are designed to create a show that enhances the emotional connection of the public with the exhibition content.

Projection of images of real scenes on LED screens placed both on walls and on the floor. In some areas these LED screens will be superimposed with a semi-transparent paper painted by the artist Regina Saura. This paper will be suspended by a guide and the public in passing will make the work move. Projection and plastic arts will merge to create a third reality in movement.

Projections on the spectators turning them into part of the work.

Digital art that will involve the physical participation of the spectator.

Creating an enveloping three-dimensional scenography.

Specific effects for each area of the tour, achieving its own scenography: light, sound, smell, etc…