The Walk

This exhibition of Regina Saura's work illustrates a journey she has made through her immediate daily surroundings.

These are paths that she has chosen almost unconsciously that transmit peace and serenity and, at the same time, form part of the basis that inspires her work.

Through these paths that one chooses every day we get to know something more about ourselves and, in this case, about her and her work.

Plano del recorrido de los caminos de Gaüses


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Tour of the room

The floor plan of the village of Gaüses, where Regina lives, is replicated in the exhibition by means of guides, so that the spectator can walk through these corners deciding at each step his or her own personal route, stopping at the moments when Regina decided to stop time to give way to the art of contemplation and capture it in her work.

Through these guides, the trees of the forest through which she walks and where the work will be plotted grow and grow. We will find 9 works/moments with projections of images of the real landscape in each one of them. Each work, in landscape format, measures 120 x 175 cm. In each one we will find different moments of the walk. A distance of 3.50 m will be needed to place the projectors and to be able to have the format adapted to the work, but it would be ideal if the projectors were placed at the top or bottom of the work perpendicularly and at a short distance.

Images of the forest (projected)

Small-format installation

The same concept as in the previous proposal can be done in a smaller format. The work is drawn on a canvas hanging from a slightly undulating guide (it does not have to be parallel). The canvas is emitransparent so that the moving video behind it can be seen, as well as having a slight wavy fold so that the movement of the painting can be felt as the spectators pass by. The screen functions as an enclosure for the space and, for information purposes, will be flexible, visible on both sides and transparent when switched off. It will be much thinner than it appears in the image, but it will be thicker than the canvas and we would only see one side.
The idea would be to link the image represented with the movement of the video.

We thought of a room that could be square or circular, the installation is adaptable to any space.

Alternatives of the same concept

The Landscape

The installation can also be conceived as a fusion of moving image, sound and painting on non-woven fabric or paper, with possible projections on the walls, floor or ceiling, creating a space and making the viewer experience the work as well as contemplate it.



Alternatives of the same concept


Fusion of work on non-woven fabric or paper + video (forest)




Animation of a painting

It is an attractive painting in movement that suggests the dynamics of a natural process to her work. suggests the dynamics of a natural process to her work. Her powerful language in this work is reminiscent of shadow theatre: from a screen, (where the dimensions can be variable), she tells how nature is constantly changing, its sounds and images making the viewer feel immersed within it.