Nature as a way of life

Nature as a way of life

Regina Saura

Multidisciplinary Artist

Regina Saura lives and works in the Empordà, (Girona) and it is in the nature that surrounds her that she finds her greatest source of inspiration. The environment is decisive for the inner world of this painter: feelings and emotions reflect the influence of the nature that surrounds her and are her particular, vital and eloquent stamp.

Colour is the starting point in all her work, a free, clean, abstract or concrete colour. The use of collage and graphic elements are integrated into her painting as an additional brushstroke. Always in constant evolution, Regina Saura manages to capture the magnitude and magic of life.

Regina’s mixed media paintings are represented in public and private collections throughout Europe, the United States and Japan, including the St. Petersburg Museum in Moscow and galleries in San Francisco. For her, art is a “raison d’être”  that embodies perception, observation, composition and balance.


Art is a lifestyle. Perception. Observation. Composition. Balance. Harmony. Objects. Landscapes. Emotions...


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