Regina Saura

Regina Saura was born in Barcelona, where she studied design at the ELISAVA School. Her training and first professional years were spent in the world of design, photography and image, disciplines that have never completely left the artist.

It was when she left Barcelona to move to Girona to live in the countryside that she turned to what would become her vocation and definitive profession: painting, and from then on she devoted herself exclusively to it.

The environment is decisive for the inner world of this painter and its influence is felt day by day in her work. In her first stage she concentrated on the objects that surrounded her in a more immediate and everyday way. This gave rise to her well-known cups, flowers, chairs, vases, fruit, etc., which Regina spontaneously treated with a particular expression.

In a second stage, the artist’s gaze moves away and the landscape becomes the focus of her attention. Influenced by her life in the countryside, sensitive to the fragility of nature in danger, forests, trees and flowers are a way of showing solidarity with the environment. Her series of trees, of burnt forests, highlight the beauty and fragility of nature in danger, they alert and also reborn with the sensitive and hopeful gaze of the artist.

It is time to open up and Regina travels to places that have a visual and even olfactory impact. Her lavender fields and vineyards, the vibrant life of the Provençal countryside, the salt marshes of the Atlantic… are points of reference and inspiration for the work of this period.

In 2017, she travelled to Japan for the second time and it is in observing the oriental culture, the colourful streets and people that inspired the artist to develop a collection of pieces in which she plays with shadows and superimpositions, strength, colour and mystery.

Colour is fundamental in Regina Saura’s work. “Sometimes I think I’m from Mexico but I was born in Catalonia”, says the painter about her way of understanding and feeling, which comes out of her palette spontaneously and literally springs from the soul. And Regina Saura does it with vivid, direct and clean colours.

Another characteristic feature in the painter’s work is the use of collage, which, like another brushstroke, is integrated into the painting for one reason or another, always with a defined intention. “Collage builds a certain atmosphere in my painting, it is one more brushstroke that forms part of the creative process”, comments Regina Saura in this respect.

Regina Saura is currently investigating new dimensions to talk about nature in team projects that open up new points of view, another measure and form. Architecture, movement, structures and volumes are part of this ambitious project that includes installations, performances, videos… which for the artist are DIALOGUES WITH NATURE.