“I believe that collaboration between different disciplines makes projects grow and become even more interesting.”

“Murals are a completely different way of working, bearing in mind that it depends on a specific space and measurements. The integration of different parts coexist and transform into a whole or they can work at the same time on their own or together”.

Gerbematte — Switzerland, 2019
Technique: mixed technique, collage and acrylic.
Gerbematte talks about bringing outdoor nature closer to an architectural space, through the expression and proposal of the artist Regina Saura. Her friends and collectors commissioned her to paint two murals for the Appartement Building Gerbematte in Hasle-Rüegsau. The concrete formwork wall of the long corridor with its rough surface, gray color and interesting surface, made her decide to play a considerable role in the final result. With the aim of bringing nature closer to the building, the artist chose the imaginary of the leaves present in the environment. By giving it the warm colors of the seasons of the year, it is possible to give brightness and depth to the space in contrast to the gray concrete. Regina’s enthusiasm for integrating one of her works as part of the building’s architecture is the same as being able to participate in this project in a very personal way.