Playfully and unexpectedly, Catalan artist Regina Saura transforms sleepy landscapes and still lifes alike into art objects. She invites us to relish the joyful simplicity of the everyday. Regina’s loose, whimsical brushstrokes and bold washes of color lend her paintings an instinctual, childlike spontaneity that belies her sophisticated command of composition, balance, shape, coloration and line. Singing with energy and vibrancy, her paintings capture the wonder and magic of life.
As with flowers and trees, in her use of newspaper scraps, Regina introduces pieces of her own daily life into her work. The touch of newsprint that comprises the houses in her landscapes of her native Catalan countryside, relate the paintings to a specific time and place, and serve as a reminder, no matter where they might be seen around the globe, of home.
Refreshing in their quirky originality, yet profoundly symbolic, Regina’s paintings capture the brilliance and exuberance of the human spirit.