Playfully and unexpectedly, Catalan artist Regina Saura transforms sleepy landscapes and still lifes alike into art objects. Her paintings capture the wonder and magic of life, inviting us to relish the joyful simplicity of the everyday.


Raised with the art of photography all around, she gained the power to frame and choose images according to her notion of the world. Always surrounded by art and nature, she learned to see the world differently. Art is a lifestyle, her way to capture feelings. Taking a picture, drawing a Sketch… so she can memorise them, and then, follows a whole process.


Her work was at first based in graphic design, but when she started to focus on her painting skills, it becomes to be characterised by urban topics. Later on, she moved to the countryside and her work evolved into landscapes as main focus. Her work flows as well as she does, and the objects often found in Regina’s works form part of a personal iconography, symbols of her life experiences.


With her visceral reaction to real-life objects and calculated representation of space, the artist makes the familiar seem unexpected and new. Her work is charged with emotion and executed with intellectual determination, stimulated mind and spirit with the unimagined and the impossible.


She uses to write on her paintings, which she explains it’s a different way to express into a paint “They are thoughts that come into my head, lyrics from songs, poems, emotions, anything that inspires me in the moment or that the painting inspires in me”. They are the personal relationship that develops between the artist and the painting during the process of creation.


Some magic makes the unknown, her researches, end up being the best solution to solve a painting. This is for her the final process. A group of elements based on the daily life moments, the brilliant human spirit and the magic of traveling which joined in, form a piece of art.


Not only her mixed-media paintings are represented in public and private collections throughout Europe, US and Japan, her collage paintings are highly acclaimed worldwide.


“I feel free with art and when I’m painting. Is where I enjoy with myself, without fears. And despite we are in a constant evaluation I’ve learned to be true to myself respecting others opinions, but without changing the way I do things”.