Regina Saura

“Whenever I paint something, the situation I’m experiencing at that moment comes unconsciously.”

Regina Saura transforms sylvan landscapes and lively objects into magnificent pieces of art. She invites us to enjoy the joyful simplicity of everyday life. Regina’s loose, whimsical brushstrokes and bold washes of color give her paintings an instinctive spontaneity that accentuates her sophisticated mastery of composition, balance, form, coloring, and line. 

Her paintings capture the wonders and magic of life through the use of nature and lifely objects. She captures the brilliance and exuberance of the human spirit. Regina’s mixed media paintings are represented in public and private collections throughout Europe, the United States, and Japan, including the Saint Petersburg Museum in Moscow and San Francisco galleries. Art is a lifestyle. Perception. Observation. Composition. Balance. Harmony. Objects. Landscapes. Emotions… and Regina’s work is permeated through them and in her way of capturing feelings and emotions. She takes a picture and memories, makes a sketch… so she can recall them, and follow a creative process. Her work was initially built around urban and figure subjects, but she later moved to the countryside and her work evolved into landscapes as a main focus expression mostly in large painting formats. Her work flows as well as her inner self: