Spontaneous Nature

Rain of letters


The plastic artist, Regina Saura, together with the architect Rita Roqueta investigate art techniques and transfer them to a digital world, questioning the viewer about the relevance of schooling our environment.

It is the creation of an installation of Natura Urbana through interactive digital water curtains to raise awareness in society about the importance of placing and respecting nature in the city.

An investigation of the environmental impact that our cities are suffering, noise, light and environmental pollution.

There will also be a social study of the involvement and awareness of the people, workshops for no one because it is something very didactic from a young age.

The project associates its origin to the forms of research and exploration of techniques with which the artist has been developing his artistic career. The study of the natural environment versus the urban environment leads to some conclusions that the amateur reflects on the importance of silence and how he has to readapt his work to the current times with digitization.

Creative process

It is about the creation of interactive digital water curtains to make society aware of the importance of silence in times of slurp.

The best way to combat a society full of droughts and actions in a city, such as: traffic, hyperactivity, technology, social media, telephones, digital platforms, communication media and all those interruptions that citizens constantly suffer, is to create works of art that allow the spectator to escape and enjoy an artistic immersion that inspires and influences citizens about the relevance of silence, of attentiveness, of reflection, of observation and of contemplating our environment with care and esteem, with an impact on the environment and sustainability, as well as promoting the diversity of the territories beyond the big cities.

Regina Saura

Tree of letters
Regina Saura

Creative process

Animation of a painting

Idea of video-projection to the water falls.

The steam screens will give life to a plastic work of Regina Saura and will be reproduced through a tour through different public spaces in Barcelona where the moment of passing by will make you think.

There will also be workshops aimed at the youngest and organized in educational centers exposing this technique of animating a plastic work and encouraging commitment to silence, a precious and scarce commodity.

Objetives and impact

It is intended to create incentives to raise awareness about the importance of caring for and conserving our forest heritage.
We want to raise awareness about the environmental impact and the destruction that nature suffers in cities, leaving evidence of the effort and time it takes for nature to regenerate itself. And to always take nature as an example to learn from its tenacity and perseverance.


• Improve the mental health and well-being of the population affecting 500,000 people.

• Raise awareness of noise pollution and the “noise” that is a daily threat to 1,000,000 people.

• To be a world reference in the application of sustainable and cultural projects to improve cities and densely populated communities. To position Barcelona above its vighth place as a Sustainable City around the world.


“Connecting emotionally with the destruction and the natural regeneration of the forest”


• Collect data on the people who will interact with these digital mechanisms through evaluation systems (QR codes, surveys, collection of testimonials).

• During the educational activities and workshops, students and participants will be evaluated on the knowledge provided.

• Through a communication campaign aimed at the national and international press, to achieve a number of published impacts that cite Catalonia (Barcelona and surrounding areas) as an example for the cities of the first world, giving it a privileged position on an international scale.

Methodology work and production processes

Technical Resources

The proposal is to create a dynamic, creative, participatory, didactic and educational space combining fine art, digital art and video art. The combination of scenographic, audiovisual and multimedia resources will facilitate the connection of the public with the emotional potential of linstalacio. 

The use of immersive and immersive technology will allow the visitor to feel integrated into the space at all times. Each area of the tour will have its own basic pictorial work and specific special effects will be used to allow the spectator to experience sensorial changes in light, sound, smell, temperature…on the ground. 

The use of immersive and immersive technology will make the visitor feel integrated into the space

Technical means & Resources

Technical Means

The means and resources are designed to create a show that enhances the emotional connection of the public with the exhibition content.

Projection of images of real scenes on LED screens placed both on walls and on the floor. In some areas these LED screens will be superimposed with a semi-transparent paper painted by the artist Regina Saura. This paper will be suspended by a guide and the public in passing will make the work move. Projection and plastic arts will merge to create a third reality in movement.

Projections on the spectators turning them into part of the work.

Digital art that will involve the physical participation of the spectator.

Creating an enveloping three-dimensional scenography.

Specific effects for each area of the tour, achieving its own scenography: light, sound, smell, etc…

Forest of messages

Forest of messages.
Interactive experience. Forest construction with visitors’ messages. Together we build the forest” Together we grow a virtual forest. The visitor writes a message of hope on an interactive table and each of these messages becomes a new part of the forest that is projected on a big screen.